8 Body Parts That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self

Even though the construction of your body is based on our DNA (genetics) rather than our personal aesthetic preference, there are still parts of your body that can convey a lot of things about your personality. Some studies suggest that genetics can determine a lot of things about our future and the way we perceive the world through our genes.

Here at MBB, we found 8 scientific studies about body parts that convey some interesting things about our personality. Some people say looks can be deceiving, but if you know the facts, then you’ll see that looks can reveal quite a lot about a person.

1. Nose shape

Each nose is special in its own way. However, according to the study performed by the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery in 2013, the tissue that connects the bones and forms your nose can convey a number of things about one’s personality. The researchers studied almost 1,700 pictures of people’s noses and categorized them all in 14 types. They analyzed the nose shapes and posted their findings.

  • People with long noses are very ambitious in their professional lives and are very hardworking people. They tend to be perfectionists and they usually put their professional life first and their personal life second. However, people with shorter noses are very sensitive and loyal individuals. They value feelings more than anything and they would rather be happy in their family than have a successful career.
  • People with pointy noses can make great financial advisers because they tend to handle their money very wisely, and people with nose clefts have commitment issues.
  • Big nostrils are a sign that someone likes to spend money rather than save it and small nostrils show a strong commitment to personal relationships and family.
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