Psychologists Explain Things We All See in Dreams, and It’s Better Not to Ignore Them

2. Teeth that fall out, injuries, and death

Our subconscious interprets teeth as a weapon, the indicator of strength, and an ability to “bite off” a piece of the world. “Perhaps, you have recently been feeling unarmed and helpless in the real world,” which is how Penney Peirce explains it.

Another expert studying dreams for many years named Patricia Garfield connects dreams about falling out teeth with hidden anger. As a rule, when we suppress anger, we squeeze our jaws, and our teeth might start creak and grind. This dream might be signaling that it’s high time to get rid of negative feelings.

Very often, we may have dreams where someone close to us is wounded, sick, or dying. Those dreams cause consternation, however, from psychology’s point of view, everything is not that bad. It’s simply our fears of the future and inevitable changes that happen with those close to us. If you see your own death, it means that some part of you is dying and staying in the past to give space to something new.

“Opposite” dreams about birth and recovery usually appear when something new is taking place in a person’s life (like a new job or project) and symbolize a new experience.

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