Stephen Hawking Said the Earth Will Cease to Exist in 200 Years, Here Are Our Options

The most famous scientist since Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, is widely known for his groundbreaking works in physics and cosmology. Hawking learned how to read at the age of 8 years old and was quite a lazy student at his university, but at the age of 21 he completely changed his worldview due to his illness and devoted his entire life to cosmology. In his brilliant theories, the scientist tried to explain how our universe works in a very profound way – although, sometimes his views about the future of Earth and humanity were extremely pessimistic.

At Kincet, we have gathered some of the most terrifying things predicted by Hawking that explain how and when our world will end.

1. Genetically modified vaccines will lead to dramatic consequences.

The certified genius said that one of the greatest threats to mankind wasn’t coming from the cosmos but rather from what people were creating themselves.

A long time ago, scientists started to toy with genetically engineered viruses to treat human illnesses, but they discovered other possible applications for them. For example, researchers creating a virus that could kill cancer cells found out that it could also reduce the urge to drink by introducing it into neurons that control the behavior of an addicted person.

Nowadays, pharmacists also combine several deadly viruses into a single shot and even mix DNA from people, cows, and dogs. The problem is that we still don’t fully understand the long-term damage from these recombinant vaccines, and we certainly don’t know what effects they can have on us.

2. Aliens will invade our planet.

Hawking believed that there were other forms of life in the cosmos and that they were not friendly ones.

In 1983, Hawking along with James Hartle devised their “no-boundary” theory which described how the Earth hurtled into existence during the Big Bang. Later on, the idea was developed into Hawking’s “multiverse” theory. According to the theory, our cosmos is only one of many separate universes created by a number of other “Big Bangs”.

Although there is still no evidence proving that we are not alone in the cosmos, there is a high possibility that aliens would like to smash other living beings into atoms.

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